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Don’t struggle alone!!

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Price–$199 per hour

If you’re interested in 1-on-1 coaching to help you through the struggles we’ve already faced , reach out to me through my contact form: Contact Me

Here a few of the areas we’ve struggled with successfully, and can help you stop struggling and start succeeding:

Influencer Outreach

Evaluate if Influencer Marketing will work for your product/brand
Help determine the Outreach Method you’d like to use
Introduction to Marketplace to help source Influencers
Data and analytics to determine cost and potential revenue
Negotiating tactics
Choosing Influencers
Tracking and analytics to track ROI


Email Marketing Audit and Optimization

An audit will help you see things from your customer’s point of view, to point out what is working, what isn’t and provide strategies on how to fix problem areas.


The email marketing audit would answer key questions:

What are you sending and to whom?
Why are you sending it and what do you want them to do?
Is the creative proposition and treatment clear?
What do the communications look like? Are they on-band and do they make sense?
Is the frequency appropriate for the message, segment and audience?
Is your email service provider doing a good enough job?
Are your internal processes as efficient as possible?
What can your current data tell you before you invest in anything else?
What significant opportunities are you missing?
The audit will appraise where you are now and identify significant areas for improvement. We can then hand this over to you or help you make the necessary changes.

Funnel Audit and Optimization

Explaining different types of conversions
Buyers, repetitive buyers and fans
Different traffic types (Viral, Direct, Email, Organic, Affiliate, Paid)
Is your website turning your visitors away?
Is your shopping cart abandonment rate too high?
Do you know which design or copy elements must change in order to increase your conversion rate?